What She Could Have Been
Written by Alex Lane

Stepping back to admire her work, her eyes quickly fell downcast. To look into the mirror would mean to look at her eyes. The eyes that held secrets that she dare not tell. Eyes that are filled with guilt that has crawled upon her in a thick blanket. Eyes that are hopeless to the world.
Taking a deep breath, she looked into the mirror. Avoiding contact with herself, as she did quite often, she instead focused on her new, bright blue, ear length hair. Running her long, slender, pale fingers through it, they fell through the air and onto the counter. Turning on the faucet, she watched the old, brunette hair fall in a swirl down the drain.
Looking up, she paused. Inside those dark, green eyes which she had avoided for so long were piercing her own gaze, as if the person inside the mirror was some kind of alien. Placing her small hand onto the glass, she ran her hand down the aliens brunette hair. Once she was like this girl who looked back at her with a menacing gaze. Lost, Angry and Sad.
Lost inside her ancient thoughts, she turned around. Looking behind herself, she checked to see if the girl was still there. The one with the pale complexion, who had eyes of ice.
Instead, looking back at her were bright eyes of green, swimming in the water of that of the melted ice. A rich, milky complexion that scattered her face, covering up the ghostly transparent. A smile that screamed how far she had came, Instead of the straight lines of a frown.
Taking one more look inside herself, through this thing that was labeled a mirror, she let out a laugh. She had been silly to fear what she once had been. She had been feeding it her fear, because she was scared. Scared of falling back into her old habits. Scared of becoming what she had been. But, she had broken her old habits, and now she was starting a new life.