American Dream
By Alex Lane
Written and Finished on May 21st, 2004

Sometimes itís not always,
The perfect American life.
People donít live in white houses;
And thereís not always a man and wife.

Adorned by all of our glory;
Shunning everything thatís not right.
Because we will only see what we want;
Blocking out darkness, letting only in light.

Parents screaming at each other,
Is a Ďonly in the moviesí scene.
People always reach for the restricted,
Perfect American Dream.

Terrorism in the paper,
Violence in the news.
People result to hate crimes,
Instead of solving their issues.

Homosexuality is outrageous,
So we push it to the side,
And behind all this weíre telling them
That behind their feelings they should hide.

We can only try to change,
This world we live in everyday.
Where people are stepped on,
And barely have a say.

We need to focus
On everything that is right.
Where we can all form together,
And focus on a improved sight.