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Hey there everyone! This is my brand new section that I'm devoting to daily things like what's going on in the world and movie reviews, etc. I hope to make daily updates but at the very least it will be weekly.

The Daily Rant -AKA- World News
July 2004

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[July 2004]

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This week features some of the more interrestingly wierd links I've found... enjoy!
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*The Death Clock* [My death day is August 1st, 2080 lol]

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My Blog
Wow, so you made it all the way down here huh? I guess I ought to say something then ^_^

[July 13th]
Wow, I can't believe the time is here to move again. I feel like I just moved into this place and now here we go again. But then again it was 5 months ago so practically I did just move here lol. But when we get to Kansas we should stay there for 2 years or more. Hopefully the more part. ^_^ My husband said that when we get moved in his platoon is going to have a welcoming party for us. It's so wierd to think that people are waiting for us to get there. Well more specifically my husband since he's the Lt. but you know what I mean. Up until now I haven't really felt like we were a part of the army since Randy has just been training. But it's the real deal now. He's going to take command of a platoon hopefully and then before I know it, he'll be off to Iraq. I'm not exactly looking forward to that fact though. :( I just really hope I get accepted to college there so I have something to do while he's gone.
Anyway, I'm hoping that I'll be back on the pc by the first part of August. That should be enough time to find a house to rent, move our stuff in and get settled. I have some big plans on upgrading this site once that happens. I'm probably going to switch hosts to one with more of pretty much everything. And then I'm going to change the layout to the nifty vampire one I made that you all voted for. So look forward to some changes around here in the near future. In the mean time keep coming back and using my stuff and passing the word along to your friends! See you all soon!

Blessed be!

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