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What's Going On
This will be the area where I feature someones work of the week. It can be anything! Graphics, blends, blinkies, draw art, photographs, fanfiction, etc. The only rule is that it has to be your work. No stealing or copycating. Please send all entries to me here.
Also if anyone is interrested in being an art judge send me a line.

I have one entry for fanfiction. This will be a permanent category so you'll be able to read them all any time you want.

Jade's Elvish Wish by FireKJade

I have two new entries in the poem category. They are by Alex Lane, a very talented poem writer.

The Message
American Dream

Also one in the mini story category from Alex Lane.

What She Could Have Been

I have two new entry from Adriahna Jensen in the poem category. She is also a very talented writer.

Ade's Poem


I have some awesome images that were sent to me by Merenwen Eärendil. I hope you all like them!

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