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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few things I get asked about most often...

Why aren't you making guild designs anymore?
I'm not going to be making guild designs because they are very time consuming and I don't get on neopets very much anymore. Plus keeping track of everyone that has one of my designs is difficult. I don't like people that don't link back to me and sadly most of the problems have been with my guild designs. But I do thank everyone thats told me of those rudelings that have taken my link out.

Why aren't you getting to the design I've requested sooner?
I take general requests and try to incorporate the ideas as best I can. Sometimes I decide not to do all ideas that get asked. Mostly that's because of time. I have nothing against you or your idea but I can't get to them all as quickly as I'd like. Be patient and most likely you'll see what you asked for in a few weeks.

What program do you use to create all your work?
I use paint shop pro 8 and photoshop. They are both easy programs to work with and produce some great results.

How long have you been designing on the computer?
Actually I've only been doing web design for about 2.5 years. I've always been an artist and worked on paper and canvas but I didn't really get started in website stuff until then. I started with making things for people on neopets and it just went from there. All my knowledge is self taught with thanks to a great many sites. I also contribute my success to nice people like yourself requesting things from me. I enjoy making items for you all and I appreciate your wanting me to make them. An especially big thanks goes to my best friend Raine who has inspired me to make designs.

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