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What's Going On

Hello everyone! Glad to see you made it to my new and improved version of Nev's Life. ^_^

I've added a few new pages to my site. They are: The Daily Blurb and The Design Giveaway.
The Daily Blurb is a daily (or weekly as time permits) news page on world events, movies, side comments from myself, etc. Hopefully you all will find it entertaining.
The Design Giveaway is a monthly contest to see who will receive a website and neopets design made by me. It will be a totally random choosing and there will be 2 categories; website and neopets. Each person can only win in one category a month so be sure to select the one you want the most.

Misc. Updates
[October 31th, 2004]

Happy Halloween! I know I haven't been around much lately, ok at all, but I've had some stuff that I needed to deal with. But starting this week I'm going to be working on a new layout and all kinds of new stuff for the site.
Oh any thanks to Triple Ace for making me the member of the week!

Wallpaper Updates
[July 13th, 2004]

I added two new wallpapers. One to the random section and one to the LOTR section. Enjoy!

Background Updates
[June 9th, 2004]

I added the egyptian tile background back. ^_^ If anyone is actually using any of the other tile images I deleted just let me know on the tagboard.

Web Graphic Updates
[June 25th, 2004]

I've chosen Merry and Pippin for the lotr design! I hope you all like it and remember to fill out the form if you use it! ^_-*

All designs are simple pop-ups that shouldn't be hard for even the beginners to use. In the future I'll give a level rating on the hardness of my designs to use. And I'll always be happy to answer any questions you have.

User Lookup Updates
[Oct 31st, 2004]

I know that several of the ul's are messed up due to the new format on neopets. I'm going to try and fix them all soon.

Fan Submission Updates
[June 24th, 2004]

I have a brand new page of fan images from Merenwen Eärendil. Go and see!

I need some new fan submissions please! It can be absolutely anything under the sun. Drawings, graphics, wallpapers, poetry, fanfiction (no smut), photographs (nothing disgusting), etc...

Send them to me here. I'll post them and be sure to give you credit. If you'd like a link to your own website be sure to give me your url with your submission.

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