The Message
By Alex Lane
Written and completed on June 1st, 2004

She walked home from school
Everyday alone.
No one knew she existed
She wasn’t at all known.

Feeling quite abandoned,
No one there to care.
No one to know she existed
So her life didn’t need spare.

She made plans to end it
All the pain and hate.
To move on somewhere better.
To pass through the Golden Gates.

One day as she sat,
On her kindled bed.
Sleeping pills spread around her.
An angel appeared, and said:

“ Daughter, I have been sent to you
From someone who knows.
He knows what you are going through
And he is not ready for you to go.”

Looking into the angels eyes
The girl was filled with glee.
Taking a slow, steady breath. She said
“ Have you really been sent to me?”

A tear fell down her cheek,
As the angel said
“ Yes I have been sent from God”
As he sat down on the bed.

“ You are never alone
It is not at all how you think.
Don’t let your heavy feelings get to you,
Or under them you’ll sink. “

As this angel stood up,
He said in a soft voice.
“ Now you know someone cares.
Don’t regret your willful choice.”

Disappearing from view,
No evidence he was there.
The girl let out a smile,
Because she knew that someone cared.