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So you want to know how to upload the web designs huh? Okie I'll tell you! ^_^

There are two ways to upload your files: to your computer and unzip them so you can load the individual files to your website. Or to your computer and then load the whole zip file into your website directory.

Here is the first way:

Click on the download link and this window will pop up...

Save the file to your desktop.

Once you have it on your desktop you can unzip the file using whichever type of unzipping software you have. For example:

Now your files are unzipped and you can upload them individually to your website directory.

The second way is to download them as shown in the first image. Once downloaded you can go to your website directory and load the zipped file in it's entirety. Each website has it's own format but there "should" be a choice to upload via .zip file. If not you'll have to follow the first way.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me here

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