Past News

Added one new 'Both' fan. Welcome, Devvie!

Welcome to our 40th fan, Hannah!

Added an Aragorn fan and a Both fan - welcome, Koffee and Kaxxii!

Just a couple of things I forgot to add yesterday - Seperated the fanlisting pages and changed the URL to one member :) Join, people!

One new Aragorn fan added - Welcome, Janoa :)

Updated the fanlisting with two new members - Eandme and Ilja!

Ah, February, the month of love. Welcome to our 34th member, Cindy Rogers. Many people are asking ALJ why they have not been listed yet, even though they have submitted their information. The answer is simple: You are not listed because you did not read the rules! Perhaps it would be a good idea to read the rules first before joining :)

Welcome Luthien Anaclime, our newest member :)

Five new members added! Welcome, Megan, Anne, Jilly, Beth and Vivianett!

Fanlisting has been updated with two members - Mari and Emily!

Happy Birthday, Orlando!
On this day, January 13th, 1977, Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas Greenleaf, was born. Today he turns 27! From all of us at ALJ, we wish you a happy birthday, Orlando!

Updated the listing with six (yes, six!) members! Welcome, Kristen, Kelsey K., Danielle, Marlies, Talon, and Jaren!

Happy New Year, everyone! To begin the year, we have four new members. Welcome to the fanlisting, Sarah, Ara, Ami and Nightstar!

Two new members added - Welcome, Andrea and Yessica!

Welcome to two new members - Sarra and Shae D.! We also have a new affilliate as well - LOTR Fans, the official Lord of the Rings fanlisting

New affiliate - the Men of the Lord of the Rings fanlisting! Be sure to check it out now =)

One member added - Welcome Sarah! We also have a new affiliate as well, The Fellowship, a LOTR site directory. Be sure to visit this excellent site!

Quite a bit done today - ALJ has been reorganized, and you can now find information, the gallery, and more on the Extras page. We have added a Links page, and a Change Info form for those who have already joined and need to change their information. The Rules and About pages have been editted yet again, and the Members page has been changed back to the way it used to be :)
We need more members to join! C'mon, don't be shy...

New codes have been added! We also have a new affiliate, Hobbit of the Shire, a Frodo Baggins fanlisting. It's a great site, so go check it out now!
Later on this week, the site will be re-organized a bit, and a few things will be added as well

Two new members added; welcome Lauren and Brynn!
The numbering system on the members list has been changed to match the order in which people joined. The about section has been editted as well.
Some people seem to think that we are Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen; I'd like to remind those of you out there who seem to acknowledge us as being them that no, we are not Orlando or Viggo, nor are we affiliated with them in anyway. We are not in contact with either Orlando or Viggo, or any other actor from The Lord of the Rings, and that any letter or message you write to us will not be read by Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortensen because we are not them, nor will we send it to them. So please, do not send us any letters addressed to them via e-mail or the guestbook :)

Two new members have been added. If you're wondering why you haven't been added yet, some submissions have been deleted because they haven't read the rules

Two members have been added. Rules page has been fixed again. The splash page has been revamped as well.

Happy Legolas Day!
October 25 was chosen because it is the day we are properly introduced to Legolas at the Council of Elrond. Go celebrate at Fair of Face!

Two new members have been added. The Rules page has been updated. Keep joining! And remember, if you do not have a code up on your site (if u have a website, that is) or have not read the rules, you will not be added

We are in need of members! Click here to contact us if need be.

Happy Birthday, Viggo!
On this day, October 20th, 1958, Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn Elessar, was born. Today he turns 45! From all of us at ALJ, we wish you a happy birthday, Viggo!

A Long Journey is now open!